What is a wall mural?

Design at Nine can provide a hand-drawn large-scale bespoke wall mural that is applied directly to a wall, typically as a decorative or aesthetic element. 

A wall mural can enhance a space in several ways:

Visual Impact: Wall murals can transform a dull or plain wall into a captivating focal point, adding personality and style to a room.

Personalisation: They offer a customisable way to express individuality, reflecting personal interests, themes, or preferences.

Mood: Murals can set the tone and mood of a space, whether it's creating a calming atmosphere or focal point to a workspace.

How do I choose the right mural for my space?

If you have an initial idea in mind and the buildings/landmarks you would like to incorporate we can work together with the space and your concept to create something unique for you. As a mural artist I have worked on many different types of projects and can help turn your dream space into reality. 

What kind of pens do you use?

I use Posca pens to draw directly on your wall. They are very versatile and give me the artistic ability to create the detail as opposed to painting.

How long does it take to draw a city mural?

It depends on the size of the wall and also the amount of buildings and landmarks you would like me to include. A typical 4 metre wide mural usually takes between 3 to 4 days. Please bare in mind, I'm available mostly at weekends, evenings and maybe some days in the week, all of which can be discussed at briefing stage.

Does the wall need to be prepped before hand?

Yes. Walls need to have a clean, smooth surface in order for the mural to be at the best quality. Any holes should be filled in and sanded. Freshly painted surfaces ideally should be painted with a silk base (matt can also be used) and a minimum of 1 week drying time prior to starting the mural.

Are murals removable?

Unfortunately not. Once a mural is on the wall it is a permanent feature. However, if you want to remove it after a period of time you will need to paint over it. I suggest using an undercoat with an oil based stain blocker to get optimum coverage before applying your paint.

What is the cost of a wall mural?

It depends on the size and detail of the design. In order to get a more accurate quote please get in touch via my contact page and we will work out a cost together. I base my mural drawing time on the hour rather than the overall size of the wall space. I charge £60 per hour drawing time excluding travel. I also cost for the design time prior to drawing the mural which is £15 per hour. Travel costs are £0.45p per mile.

How far do you travel to draw a mural?

I'm based in South Derbyshire so I'm prepared to travel to the Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire area within a 25 mile radius ideally.

I've decided I want a wall mural, what is the next step?

Great! Once you have an initial idea of what you want for a city wall mural please get in touch with a brief idea of what you would like, dimensions of the wall and ideally some photographs of the wall space if possible. A trip to the location might be required, this will vary from project to project. 

Once we have discussed and agreed a design brief I will ask for a 30% deposit before starting the work. I'll also send you a contract outlining the key milestones, cost and payment terms.

I will digitally design your cityscape mural using an iPad and then super impose it onto the photos of the mural location using Photoshop. Any changes can be made at this point.

Once we have finalised the design and you have approved the design it can then be drawn onto the wall. I do this by projecting the design onto the wall and then drawing it on from there. This is when the magic happens and your design comes to life!