Our Story

Clarissa is the founder and creator of Design at Nine. She creates detailed cityscape illustrations which are all designed from her home studio at house No9 in Derbyshire, UK.

From an early age, she always wanted to be creative. She always had a pen or pencil in her hand creating doodles or detailed drawings.

Years later, she went on to study graphic design at Salford University, and she's now a Senior Account Manager at a Design and Marketing agency in Nottingham.

Being in such a creative environment and working within such a vibrant city full of amazing architecture, it spurred her on to capture the detail of these buildings and the cities she visited. She's intrigued by the details, and drawing buildings allows her a way in and to understand some of that city’s hidden essence. She tries to build a relationship with what she draws by noticing distinct structures and the way the buildings sit together. Cities and their architecture are full of quirky and intense contrasts.

This is where her idea for Design at Nine was born.

As her collection of cityscape illustrations began to grow, they have proved to be very popular as personalised gifts for someone who loves the place where they live, where they spent their childhood, got married, or went to university.

If you want to follow her creative journey then please check out her Instagram page below. As well as her cityscape drawings, you can also see her creative journey inspired by typography, collages, typefaces, urban culture and music.

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